Dear Anifit Team,

On 22 December 2010, our dog Andy was invited to a festive meal. On this day, our specialist consultant Mrs Zintl visited us to give Andy a taste and to tell us in detail about a healthy and species-appropriate diet.

Up to this point, Andy had been fed dry food for 11 years. Mrs Zintl informed us that dry food is absolutely not species-appropriate. As we had already seen with Andy, he had already completely discoloured due to the many preservatives in the dry food. His coat was no longer white, which should be the colour of a West Highland Terrier, but had turned brown and was already black between his toes. Andy's allergy under his belly was also, as Mrs Zintl said, a typical effect of dry food. We naturally wanted to help Andy and entrusted ourselves to Anifit and immediately ordered a regular monthly supply of wet food.

Our specialist advisor also advised us to build up his intestinal flora, as his intestines had been affected by the many worming treatments, etc. She explained the change in diet and that diarrhoea can occasionally occur at the beginning of the change in diet and that Andy can stink a little. This is all a sign of the excretion of many toxins in the body, which have accumulated in the body due to preservatives, fragrances and attractants etc. from the dry food.

We were very sceptical at first and were naturally also worried about our Andy. Mrs Zintl told us that he would gradually regain his natural hair colour, his faeces would be reduced by 2/3 and he would also become much more agile. After only two months, everything was confirmed. His coat is white again, his intestinal flora has long been back in balance and his faeces have actually reduced to 1/3. Andy's unpleasant vapours lasted for about two weeks.

If we just pick up a tin of dog food, he is almost unstoppable. He is much more active and alert. Our doubts at the beginning were unfounded and we are so happy to have finally found a good dog food for our dog.

We would be delighted if you could invite many more dogs to the festive meal and convince their masters and mistresses of Anifit, thus preventing many illnesses.

We would always invite Andy to a test meal of Anifit.

All the best and best wishes for all dogs and many thanks again!

Your family Ulrike and Dietmar Schindler and dog Andy from Hückelhoven.

March 2011

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